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Our goal is to guide you step by step in the difficult process of real estate purchase in Italy.

We provide the seller with clear and detailed information on how much his/her property is realistically worth. We also analyse all and any aspects that could affect the success of the sale, especially tecnical and legal aspects, because the safety and trust of our customers is of prime importance to us.

Our services include:

  • Detailed information about the purchasing procedure
  • Calculation of all costs - including the taxes payable by the buyer
  • We participate at all relevant meetings, including the notary session
  • We inform you about your duties and obligations in connection with the purchase in Italy
  • We help you to open an account with a local bank, and to obtain the most favourable conditions for transferring money
  • We help you to apply for the Italian Tax ID code (codice fiscale), which is necessary by law for the purchase
  • We contact and liaise with all the professionals involved (notary, surveyor, consultants)

We act in your best interests at all times and, as we live in the region, we are familiar with all the prices and rates, which means you can be assured of getting the best deal.

Our commission: 3% + VAT (minimum commission of € 3,000 + VAT).


There are substantial differences between the laws in Italy and those in other countries. First, you need to know that in Italy, both parties (sellers and buyers) pay a brokerage commission of between 3-5%.

Our commission is: 3% + VAT (minimum commission of € 3,000 + VAT).

As the buyer, you are not obliged to deal with the broker offering the desired property, but you can choose your personal broker, who will cooperate with others and find the right property for you.

In Italy, brokers must be approved by the Chamber of Commerce and are subject to strict rules.By law, they must be registered in the purchase contract and are responsible for the transaction. Martina Ciancia has been a registered real estate broker for many years and is also insured. This is a real guarantee for our customers.

It is also important to know that most foreign brokers are not registered in the purchase contract, and are often unlawfully identified as interpreters or consultants, which means that there is no guarantee whatsoever for the money you have paid.

If you choose us as your broker, you won’t be charged any additional amounts for our services, but only our standard brokerage commission. Moreover, you have the certainty and peace of mind that someone is working in your interests and will negotiate the right prices on your behalf.