Our agency on TV: in "AUF UND DAVON"

We’d like to thank our clients Eva Dudle and Philippe Sguaitamatti for giving us the opportunity to participate in the television program “Auf und Davon” on the first Swiss TV channel, SRF.

There are six episodes, broadcast every Friday from 07.01.2022 to 11.02.2022 in prime time, which document the expatriation experience of three Swiss couples.

Eva and Philippe have decided to move to Italy, to our beautiful region of Tuscany, and turned to our agency to find a farmhouse that would allow them to experience retirement as a second youth.

The television crew in the first episodes documents their choice and the difficult contractual process, which requires adequate support to avoid being ruined. The program then concludes by showing the first six months of purchase, with all the events that followed.

For us it was an important experience, which made us understand once again how essential it is to guide customers in this delicate process of purchasing a property, but which above all also represents a change of life.

It had a huge impact in particular on Martina, who lived this experience first-hand: it is often thought that these programmes are written and worked out beforehand. In truth, the producers of the TV programme were particularly interested in all the difficulties that buyers can encounter and the programme was not edited in any way to falsify the reality of the facts. Indeed, also in view of the period in which the episodes were filmed (the third wave of Covid), there were many unforeseen events. What’s more, as it involved an agricultural property, there were numerous difficulties, starting from ensuring that all the requisites for the actual purchase were met.

We therefore consider it a success to have concluded this sale and we are grateful that our agency has been chosen by Swiss TV to witness our highly complex work as real estate agents in Italy.